Pharmacy Treatment Flow

Pharmacy Treatment Flow

Note: Each Pharmacy within our network is shared a copy of all customer's details from the day a customer subscribes to a health policy. Therefore, once a customer gets to its preferred pharmacy outlet;

  1. The Pharmacy confirms the customers policy ID

  2. Pharmacy carries out Malaria test on the customer using either RDT/UMT/Lab test where available.

  3. If customer tests positive to Malaria, the Pharmacist dispenses malaria drugs to the customer

  4. If customer tests negative to Malaria, the Pharmacist dispenses pain relief drugs to the customer and advises the customer to go to a hospital for further test/treatment.

Pharmacy Visit Report

The customer's Pharmacy visit report (i.e the details about a customer's pharmacy visit) is sent to each Partner company at the end of each month.

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