Before you start

Insurpass is organized around REST and uses HTTP protocol as the transport format for requests (using methods such as GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, etc.) and responses (structured in JSON).

We recommend that you use one of our autogenerated SDKs which is made available for several common programming languages, however, the raw HTTP documentation is helpful if your language of choice isn't supported or if you prefer not to use an SDK.

Before you can start building with Insurpass, you'll need to be given access. This access comes in the form of an API key and you will need to request one by signing up here.

You can use Insurpass' API in test mode where you can pull test data from all endpoints without affecting your live data. The API key you use to authenticate the request will determine whether the request is in live mode or test mode.

Insurpass' latest version is V1 (version one). As we release new versions, we will communicate changes early enough and limit any modifications that can cause backwards-incompatible changes to applications.

Are there terms you do not understand? Check them out in our Glossary, we're sure it'll be of help.

We have also created a Customer Journey Guidebook and UI Sample Kit that serves as a complementary document to this API documentation, it highlights in detail the workflow to adhere to while providing insurance services within your app/platform. Our Customer Journey Guidebook also details User Interface Sample Kit you can build into your frontend component. You can view it here.

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