Micro-health Insurance Flow

Here, you'll find the flow for when your customers subscribe to any of the micro-insurance policies on Insurpass.

Policy Subscription Flow

Select Preferred Plan The customer selects either to purchase any of our micro insurance products for e.g., Malaria Care Plus plan.

Browse Description The customer gets to view the description (policy overview) of the health insurance plan selected.

Select Payment Frequency The customer selects their preferred payment frequency, to be billed either monthly, quarterly or annual plan.

Add Beneficiaries (Optional) The customer selects the number of people (beneficiaries) to be added under his/her coverage. Note: The customer can only add up to 3 beneficiaries to his/her coverage, while getting a discount for every beneficiary added.

Display Price The total price to be paid for the health insurance plan is calculated based on the plan selected, the payment frequency and the number of beneficiaries added under the coverage

Submit Personal Information The customer is prompted to submit his/her first name, surname, email, phone number, date of birth, while also providing the full name of the beneficiaries to be added to the coverage (where applicable).

Make Payment The customer proceeds to make payment using the payment functionality of the partner application. Note: Recurrent payment applies for the monthly and quarterly payment plan.

Notification A success notification is displayed to the customer on the platform, while an email/SMS notification is sent to the customers phone number and email.

Policy Endorsement Flow

After a customer has successfully purchased any of our micro insurance plans on the partner app, a unique policy number and policy details (showing policy start date, end date, and other necessary information like claims info) is forwarded via email & SMS to the customer in real time.

Note: Any customer who purchases any of the health plan for other people (beneficiaries) will share the same policy number with his/her beneficiaries.

Policy Renewal Flow

For platforms that do not support automated recurrent payment function anytime an existing customer wants to renew an insurance plan, he/she will provide and validate his/her policy number, while the policy details (i.e. customer's name, beneficiary name (where applicable), plan subscribed to, payment frequency and amount payable) is auto- generated as a confirmation that the policy number exist. The customer then proceeds to make payment through the payment function of the partner app.

For platforms that support automated recurrent payment function. Policy renewal for customers is debited directly from the customer's bank card registered on the partner platform.

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