For authentication, pass your token in theinsurpass-request header.

headers: {
'Authorization': Bearer ins_sk_ec55873830a2706c8fb5f5bad704b2c04dd9c58e83b4b59a9c5e34ad4b89ba0b485f6bed251a55f7_test',
'Content-Type: application/json'

If you do not include your token when making an API request, or you use a token that is incorrect or outdated, Insurpass will return an error.

Your bearer token can be used to make any API call on behalf of your account so you'll need to treat it as you would any other password and grant access only to those who need it.

If a token is compromised, you can re-generate a new one from your dashboard.

Note that when a new token is generated, the old token is immediately blocked.

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