Because we believe that “Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.”, we have provided two environments you can use for prototyping, testing and integrating Insurpass into your platform; Sandbox and Production. With your API key, you can create an application for your Production environment (live mode) and another for your Sandbox (test mode). Insurpass makes use of the same API endpoint for both environments, the only difference is the keys used when calling the API.



Base URL


This is your training area, it enables you to thoroughly test Insurpass' API calls and pull test data from all endpoints before going live on your website or application. Be rest assured that when testing in this environment, no real data is tampered with.


This is the environment you want to use once you are ready to use Insurpass' API to integrate into your application.

We really recommend that you start creating your integration in the Sandbox environment.

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