Claims Flow

Claims flow for our micro-health insurance plan.

Claims Submission Flow

To request a visit to the pharmacy, a customer log on to the partner app to carry out the following steps;

  1. Provide and validate policy number

There will be a response that validates if policy number exists or not.

  1. The customer is then presented with the list of all individuals (beneficiaries) subscribed under his/her plan, where applicable.

  2. The customer selects the individual that needs to request for pharmacy visit.

  3. The customer goes on to search the pharmacy database for the nearest pharmacy to their location by submitting their State and LGA.

  4. The customer then selects their preferred pharmacy to be visited.

  5. An SMS and email containing the pharmacy name and address is then sent to the customer's phone number, while the customer can also write down the pharmacy details right from the screen.


If the customer does not have access to an internet enabled device, the customer can call/text/WhatsApp our claims support line to get directed to the nearest pharmacy to obtain healthcare.

To make claims for Hospital Cash Reimbursement

The customer will make available via email to Insurpass, the proof of hospitalization showing: cause of illness, date of admission and release, hospitalization showing: cause of illness, date of admission and release, cost of admission and any other relevant information.

To make claims for Life Insurance Benefit (Funeral Expense Cover)

The customer's beneficiary will make this claim on behalf of the principal customer. The beneficiary will make available the following documents via email to Insurpass;

  1. Beneficiary ID Copies/Alien ID/Passport

  2. Completed death claims form

  3. Medical Certificate of cause of death

  4. Police report in case death was caused by accident

  5. Death registration certificate or Burial warrant or/and letter from a Chief/Imam/Priest

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