Customer Journey Guidebook

Customer journey Guidebook and User Interface Sample Kit

Purpose of the Guidebook

The purpose of this customer journey guidebook is to help your product team implement the right user experience for the purpose of embedding the health insurance plans within your mobile or web application.

The UI Sample Kit works in tandem with the Insurpass API Documentation, giving you a robust overview from both a technical and product angle.

Overview of Insurpass API

Insurpass is an open insurance API that helps fintech companies and other digital platforms to rapidly configure health insurance services into their web/mobile platforms, thereby creating new value proposition for their customers. With Fruiti, your customers are able to sign-up, renew plan and request claims for a micro-insurance healthcare plan entirely within your mobile/web app. Insurpass is pre-configured with two micro health insurance products and credit life insurance products while allowing your customers to select the preferred insurance plan to purchase.

How does Insurpass fit into your technology?

Insurpass is built on simple HTTP requests like POST, PUT, DELETE, GET and responses structured in JSON. These requests and responses are generalized so you can build anything you’d like using them. All that’s left is to display the customer journey in form of a user interface for your users within your web or mobile app.

There is a sample user interface kit in this guidebook that will help you create your own UI.

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